Bitchin’ and Bleeding…Mini Cakes!


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In an effort to regain some sense of normalcy, since my wisdom teeth removal surgery. I’ve prepared myself for baking Round two in the kitchen…baking bitchin’ Bleeding heart mini cakes.


I’m swollen as hell, and I’m stumbling around the kitchen. What normally takes 40 minutes, takes me over a hour. I had quite literally aged over the past few days, and was moving like a old woman. Poking a stick at me wouldn’t make me move faster…So in my slow fashion I put on some music and automatically my spirits are lifted. Something lit a fire under my ass, because now I was crazily throwing my ingredients together.

Well, now look at these…..


Beautiful fresh raspberries filled with all the sweet bitter taste, of yum. We are baking with these today! Let’s get on it…

First prepare your ingredients you need :

125g of fresh Raspberries
2 x Eggs
2 x Surgarine tablets (sugar substitute) = 4 Tsp of Sugar
1 Tsp of Honey
1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract
1/3 Cup of Wholemeal Self Raising Flour
1/2 Cup of Low fat Milk
3/4 Cup of Blanched Almonds grated or chopped

Pre-heat the oven to 180°C then grease 12 hole muffin tin. Place washed halved Raspberries approximately 3-4 halves in each hole. Then set aside remaining Raspberries.

Now I know this is a tedious task, but in all my medicated glory I managed to grate whole almonds to a fine consistency in a small bowl, with a grater…obviously. If you would like a bit more of a almond crunch in the mixture feel free to chop the almonds to your preferred consistency.


Then beat the Eggs, Honey and Surgarine in a small bowl with a electric mixer. If you don’t have Sugarine tablets, you can use the liquid or any other sweetener to substitute sugar. But make sure you TASTE as you go, as some of the sweeteners on the market have a nasty after taste or just do not bake well. Scrape excess honey from the sides and ensure tablets are dissolved. Then continue beating until the mixture becomes light and fluffy.


Stir in grated Almonds, Vanilla Extract, Flour and Milk.


Then fold in the remaining Raspberries into the mixture.


Spoon in the Mixture into the muffin holes. And bake for approximately 20 minutes.


Stand for 5 minutes then place on a cooling rack.Image

These bitchin’ Bleeding Heart Mini Cakes are now ready to serve, and are best accompanied with ‘no sugar added’ ice cream or ‘low fat’ cream!

I suppose your wondering, why such a name? It was the Raspberries, they inspired me. The way these Raspberries taste and look once they are cooked with this combination, oozing with flavour and bite. If you love the bitterness of raspberries combined with the texture on a dense lightly sweet wholemeal cake, you’ll love these mini cakes. They are the perfect Raspberry explosion!

I make these cakes in comfort with the knowledge that they are healthy to eat for both children and adults. My darling toddler almost polished off the whole batch. They are low in fat with no added sugar, combined with a sugar substitute for a great taste, these babies are perfect for diabetics, and weight management.

Enjoy, the complete guilt free gorge on these Bleeding Heart mini cakes.


And at your convenience make sure you, right click, save as and print the following recipe, so you always have it handy :




The Simple Joys in Life


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My knight in shinning armor, my husband, took our toddler in his protection, full time and played the role of both parents, while I got some much needed rest to assist in my recovery.

My husband is a man of many talents. To my complete envy at times, he is brilliant in all facades of music creation and production, drawing, and his knowledge in film is really quite remarkable. So it should come at no surprise he certainly has a talent in film making too.

Today he surprised me with this video, watching this made me super proud of my talented family, especially my budding actress and multi-talented knight.

It’s incredibly cute! I hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine.


Lady In Need…


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Looks just a bit darling doesn’t it?
This is my attempt to get clean after being in bed all day, hidden from the world like a deformed Disney character. It was lovely, shame I couldn’t actually blow out the candles though…

For those of you who read my previous blog The Torture Chair you will be aware that I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. And the title was not further from the truth, I seemed on the road to recovery.

This was NOT the case. It is now day 5, I am swollen badly under my neck, and can hardly keep food down. So in a desperate attempt to get help, my husband took me to the doctors. Without little assistance or concern, the doctor noticed I couldn’t open my mouth large enough to actually inspect the teeth in question, the foul odor from my mouth and the severe swelling, he had prescribed me antibiotics. Due to his slack diagnosis of a infection…

I am still throwing up but the pain has numbed slightly since.

I LOVE food and as I look over at my husband stuffing down a beautiful looking Chicken Kiev, with crisp chips and freshly cooked vegetables. I am white with envy, while I struggle to feed myself mashed up chips with a tiny bit of tomato sauce.

I need your help, I can’t eat anything too rich because my stomach is fragile. But what’s your advice? What did you (or others you know of) do when it came to eating after Wisdom teeth removal?

I need your suggestions and ideas…Please, help a lady in need!


The Torture Chair


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They said it will be OK, they lied…they said I was brave, so, I gave them the finger. Blood has been spilling from my mouth, I look like a stunned, swollen vegetable, with no expression, no feeling except for this tormenting throbbing pain.

Why am I in such severe paiImagen?…

It all started here 10.00am at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne. I had been on the waiting list for over 12 months to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed, and another tooth with a very badly decayed root canal. So that’s 5 teeth in total.

I had arrived on time. I was asked to lay down in a ‘clean, green dentist chair’ and was prepped for surgery. I was asked ‘Have you eaten anything today?’ I grinned and replied. ‘Yes.’ I hadn’t eaten nearly enough to prepare me for this type of surgery. I had only had a diet shake, I would learn to regret this later on…The nurse came in and put five giant needles in my mouth, filled with local anesthetic. Then I was told the surgeons would be arrive shortly.

I waited…and waited…to what seemed to be hours but was around 20 minutes. The effects from the lack of food I had eaten, started, my hands started shaking…but they soon arrived, to my surprise the Dental Surgeon and…his Trainee. They introduced themselves and began the procedure.

The trainee had removed two wisdom teeth on my right side, and although the pulling, twisting and tugging was something to be expected. The Trainee was delicate and gentle. Now. Mr Surgeon should of taken a note out of his book, as the surgeon hacked away at my remaining teeth on my left side like there was no tomorrow. The chair shook beneath me, from his impact on my face. My countless suffocated cries filled the room, cries consisting of ‘Arghhhh’, ‘Ooooh’, ‘THAT Hurts!’ And the surgeon’s response to this was ‘Oh, it seems the aesthetic is wearing off…’ He had paused, so I shut my eyes and breathed a deep sigh of relief, and sunk back into a comfortable position in the chair. (I was told that If it hurt tell them and I would get anothBefore & After Surgery (Blood and all)er injection, or relief of some kind, so naturally one expects this).

Then the penetrating sound of the drill starts up again and it pierces through my ears. My mouth is jerked open, and a long instrument to separate to gum from the back wisdom tooth is stabbed far into my jaw. I cringe and shudder in pain. This chair was no longer the ‘clean, green chair’ to me. It was now the ‘torture chair’… I soon realise there was no point in complaining and to suck it up like a big girl(as my dad would say), and try to think of fluffy cute animals having tea-parties in the clouds or naked babies doing the Macarena, absolutely anything to take my mind away from this present moment of excruciating pain. Nothing helped. The drilling stops and the pulling starts, this is just as godawful!

After approximately 20 minutes the instrument is removed, automatically I have relief. He completed the removal of the top 2, at record speed, I am then quickly stitched up, flushed out, given medication scripts, instructions and kindly told to leave. I push the exit door, my head in a daze, my mouth throbbing and my eyes wellingOn the way home... up with tears. I see my concerned husband and my oblivious happy child. I spend the car ride home, gesturing like crazy to my husband that I needed pain killers, crying, with blood seeping out of my mouth and in so much pain.

The rest of the day consisted of me being in absolute agony. From 10.00 pm onwards, I had finally started to get relief from the painkillers, and managed to have a few sips of pumpkin soup, my body soon went into shock. Pools of sweat began to appear between my breasts, legs, arms, legs… everywhere, my head was spinning and my body was shaking. I forced the rest of the pumpkin soup down my throat, I had desperately needed this replenishment. After I had recovered from the shock, I managed to slip down some room temperature jelly. I was starting to feel better. But I was still bleeding…so I kept myself elevated all night so the bleeding would stop.

It’s now 8.15am the following day and my energetic toddler with a snotty nose, bolts into our room. She runs past me in the bed and starts laughing, looking and talking to herself in the mirror…’Fine…’ I mutter under my breath, feeling a little bit neglected. I would of loved a cuddle…But there’s something about her lack of understanding about the experience ‘mummy’ had just gone through that I find comforting and refreshing. Maybe it’s the ignorance combined with her tender innocence, and no matter how hard life is there is always time, time to look in the mirror and smile, to smile because we are still here, some people don’t get that chance. This thought puts me in a much nicer head space.

All I know now is that I am a strong supporter of ‘GeneralInspiration, Trash & Ideas... anesthetic’ now, not ‘Local Aesthetic’ especially if it involves more that one wisdom tooth being removed at the same time, at least the numbing agent will not wear of in surgery.

It’s easier to get some rest now. my face is now beginning to feel better, the bleeding has stopped and I am feeling more positive. The medication is working. In an attempt to help me feel better my darling husband, got me some trash, inspiration and a new notebook to write my recipes in.

Now this unfortunate experience is over, I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into a nice thick, juicy cut of medium-rare porterhouse steak. And have another animals blood ooze from my mouth, rather than my own. Hehe…

The Creation of a Nostalgic Aroma


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So here is my take on a traditional family recipe that has been in the family for years, I suppose you could say I ‘married’ into this recipe. I am incredibly glad I did, it’s fucken brilliant sauce…if you like the succulent taste of lamb engrossed in beautiful rich and tasty sauce, with your desired pasta…then you MUST try this!

It’s a variation on a classic Italian lamb sauce, which traditionally uses fresh home-made tomato puree. But, as we don’t all have access to home-made tomato puree, this is my version for the cook on-the-go, who has a billion other things on her mind than to make puree…

First, gather your ingredients:


350g of Passata Tomato Cooking Sauce
2 x 410g Canned Crushed Tomatoes
6 x Lamb Shoulder or BBQ Chops
2 x Red & Green Capsicums Sliced
1 x Brown Onion Diced
1 x Tbsp Dried Oregano
1 x Tbsp Freshly Chopped Basil
2 x Tbsp Freshly Chopped Parsley
1 x Tbsp of Olive Oil
3 x Tsp of Salt
2 x Tsp of Cracked Pepper
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Wholemeal Pasta (Cook using packet instructions)

Preparation time 15-20 minutes

Prepare all the ingredients as per the specifics above, chopped, sliced, diced…so on and so forth.


Then at your leisure, prepare a large frying pan and add 1/2 Tbsp of olive oil, on a medium heat. Add the lamb, then fry until brown. Remove the lamb from the pan, and place on paper towels to soak up excess oil. Using the same pan, fry the onion and the capsicum until lightly brown then remove from the heat.

Heat a large pot with the remaining oil, then add the lamb, followed by the onion and capsicum. Then add the Passata Tomato sauce and the crushed tomatoes. Combine oregano, basil, parsley, salt and cracked pepper, then stir your little heart out! Once the ingredients are stirred to your satisfaction, place lid on pot and bring to the boil.


Right about now you should reduce the heat and simmer for at least 1 hour or more, until the sauce thickens, and the meat comes away from the bone. Once the sauce looks almost ready, start cooking the wholemeal pasta (as per packet instructions).

Serve this delicious sauce on top of cooked wholemeal pasta, with a dash of Parmesan cheese.


You will produce approximately 6 serves from this sauce.


I recommend placing the remaining cooled sauce in an airtight container and place in the fridge, to use when needed.

Generally I come away from creating this recipe, looking like I have just slaughtered the lamb myself. It’s particularly hard to avoid this, especially when you are trying to stir around these huge lamb chops. But, I am sure you will be much more delicate than I 😉

It’s a beautiful meal packed full of love and carnivorous action!

For your convenience, I have attached the recipe below… just right click… save as… print, and your bitchin’!

Enjoy! X


Gettin’ Down with the Sickness


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No cooking for me today…unless you count Spaghetti & Cheese jaffles on wholemeal bread?…No? I didn’t think so…

I had previously had symptoms of a cold coming on, and in 36°C + weather it’s rather suffocating and shit…it got worse over the span of around 12 hours. I have a tissue almost constantly fixated to my nose, and I know I’m the worst patient, I am a complete BITCH. This stroke of luck, just had to happen before I go into surgery on Friday morning. All four Wisdom teeth are being removed PLUS a root canal with an exposed nerve ending. I am dreading the next few days or weeks while I’m in recovery.

Tackle each day as it comes, right?…

I will attempt some yummy raspberry muffins or Italian pasta sauce tomorrow, they key word here being ‘attempt’, and if I succeed there will be a nice tang of snot in the mix or the sauce, I am positive of this.

But something positive, my avatar got completed today, I quite like her, my graphic designer did a top notch job… What do you think?


Little Miss Bitchin’ After Makeover


Little Miss Bitchin’ Before Makeover

Thanks for reading, and to everyone who has commented, followed, and liked my few posts. I honestly did not expect to get so many so soon. I am flattered and rather chuffed. It means a lot to me, thank you!


Baking Bitchin’ Muffins


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This was my first attempt at actually baking from scratch (in years), you know like a real baker…I had put my toddler to bed and almost ceremoniously put my brand new pink cupcake apron on, slicked my hair into a ponytail and did a little wiggle. Nothing was going to stand in my way, I was ready to rock this shit!

My initial objective was to surprise my husband with Diabetic Blueberry muffins. After about 40 minutes of manipulating a recipe. This was the result :

Blueberry diebetic muffins

Looks amazing, doesn’t it? Delicate and oozing with blueberry goodness?…

Well…I placed one on a little plate and sliced it if half, I offered half to my husband to taste first…his teeth sunk into the muffin. So far so good, I studied his face intently, he seemed pleased with a relatively calm expression. So, I let out a deep breath, my turn, I bit into my half still cautiously observing his face…then slowly his expression turned sour, I soon mimicked him.

These muffins had turned out WAY too sweet, the type of over-sweet that your face and brain feel like they are about to slip into a Stevia coma. Stupidly and sickly sweet,  I had used way too much. Don’t ever follow instructions on a Stevia jar, they are wrong! The recipe I will not divulge, consider it my good deed to the human race.

My first reaction was ‘Fuck this, fuck I hate baking, it’s for nut heads!’ After my huge bitch fest. I pulled my hypothetical socks up, and revised my recipe.

Of course I used all the blueberries in my demented sweet coma muffin mix. So I had to come up with something that actually tasted good. So I got a few suggestions, did some research and called upon the baking gods, this was my second result :

Banana & Walnut Muffins-watermark

Walnut & Banana Muffins, sorry for the boring title but I was too excited to get this recipe uploaded, I didn’t even think to be creative with the title.

These are good, in fact excellent!

Overall these muffins are dense, filling and packed with banana and walnut goodness. Not very sweet but extremely satisfying. Excellent with a tiny scoop of no sugar added ice cream. Healthy and low in fat, I guess the baking gods came through second time around…

I like baking, now!

Try it yourself? Let me know how you go…

Banana & Walnut Muffins complete delicious recipe

Banana & Walnut Muffins Recipe

You can also find it here : Delicious Muffin Recipes


Welcome to Little Miss Bitchin’ in the Blue Kitchen


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Welcome to Little Miss Bitchin' in the Blue Kitchen

Welcome to my self exploration through cooking and my crazy unpredictable life.

I love to cook for my family with fresh sweet and savory food, healthy ingredients and they should be low in fat and calories, but occasionally they won’t be… I made a vow to myself as soon as I gave birth that, our daughter would only be exposed to a healthy and energetic family.

We hit a few bumps in the road…and it seemed to motivate me more.

So welcome to my next project, welcome to ‘Little Miss Bitchin’ in the Blue Kitchen’, as if being a mother, wife, running a online business, and doing a part-time job wasn’t enough…I decided to share my various experiences in the kitchen because it is quite chaotic… I swear a lot, I make mess but it works. And for some reason people want my recipes…so i’ve decided to tailor old and new recipes to fit into a healthy regime, primarily low fat, low calorie recipes, guilt free eating, as I think it should be!

These meals I will be preparing are everything from Light snacks to Main meals and Desserts, strongly influenced by Diabetes, Gluten free, Meals easily prepared, Fresh ingredients, Meals stacked full of vegetables, protein & iron.

Life should be spent enjoying life with amazing food and letting our mouth explore new tastes, just without sugar crashes and unnecessary weight gain.

This is my philosophy and my new creative endeavour… and I am excited to show you, my plans and collaborations over the next few months, years, however long this may last…

Thank you for joining me in my blue Kitchen.