How exciting is this? I was nominated by Ashley at Life of a Housewife Blog for the ‘One Lovely Blogger Award!’  A massive thank you to Ashley for nominating my blog, I am truly chuffed! 🙂

Rules of the award:

– Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
– Share 7 things about you
– Pass the award to seven nominees
– Thank the person who nominated you
– Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs

Here are 7 things about me :

1. I adore tigers, they are my most favourite animal in the world. These incredible animals are strong, majestic and determined. I could look at them for hours, and hope to meet one in the future.

2. My biggest fear is losing my memory. I have notes everywhere.

3. I love the goth and underground subculture, fashion and music. So much so my partner and I started a business primarily to offer these sorts of inspired products to our customers, and to help launch Australian designers who create similar fashion into the marketplace. Its our pride and our joy, we have spent many hours laboring over our retail site Neo-Geisha X.

4. My eyesight is shit. I am shortsighted and it’s incredibly hard to see things that are in the distance. I wear contacts and glasses to correct this.

5. I have 2 tattoos. These tattoos are very therapeutic and meaningful tattoos to me. I have a black ‘All seeing eye’ with roses, and the text ‘Fortuna Di Fortuna’ on my right arm and a red rose on my wrist. I am sure you will see photos of them one day, I will write a post on them soon.

6. I have an hourglass birthmark on my stomach.

7. Motherhood has been the most touching, testing yet rewarding task, I have yet to accomplish…I probably never will.

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