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So, it was our turn to host Easter this year, in our new home, and new area. We were about to share a special holiday afternoon with my grandparents, mother, brother and his girlfriend. My mother was assigned to cook the meat, and I elected to cook the vegetables. As this was my first ‘grown up’ hosting event, I was a little bit excited.


My Duckface impression

Everything was going smoothly. I had plenty of time…so I thought.

From our small yet over filled fridge, I dug out a beautifully home-grown pumpkin, which my Nono (grand-father) had produced himself.


Beautiful Jap Pumpkin

Not only was this pumpkin incredibly hard to cut, it was near impossible, but my determination reigned supreme. I persisted to cut this fucker, near missing my fingers quite frequently. It was a rather dramatic scene, my cries of anguish and the loud banging against the bench as I tried to remove the knife from the pumpkin, could have been heard a block away…oh god, it should never be this hard! The idea was to keep the skin on the pumpkin whilst cooking, but by this stage, I was so pissed off with the pumpkin, I sliced all the skin off and proceeded to cut the bastard into chunks. What should of taken 20 minutes, took over 40 minutes to complete, and that was just the PREPARATION of the ingredients.

Now I was behind the time, and seriously pissed…don’t let the photo deceive you.


Cute photo, yes…but I was seriously stressed.

Guests started to arrive, and now I was faced with the task of balancing both cooking AND hosting. I threw the fuckin’ pumpkin into the oven.


FINALLY…in the oven!

And…It turned out delightful!

If you would like to recreate this dish, and god awful experience, you will need the following ingredients :

1 Large Pumpkin (Butternut or Jap)
1/4 cup of olive oil
2 Tbsp of Mixed Herbs
Sea Salt
Cracked Pepper
Attention-Seeking Toddler (Optional)

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C. Then, using a sharp chef’s knife, cut chunks of pumpkin, about 2-3 inches thick. Use a large metal spoon to scoop out the seeds, along with the insides of the pumpkin. You can cut the skin away from the pumpkin or keep it on, whatever may be your preference.


Put the Pumpkin into a mixing bowl and combine salt, pepper, oil and herbs. Mix the ingredients together with your ‘clean’ hands, and make sure each piece of the pumpkin has its own dose of seasoning.

Place the pumpkin slices onto a lightly greased oven tray. Roast for approximately 40-60 minutes (this may alter depending on the thickness of pumpkin slices). The pumpkin should then appear slightly caramelised and brown.


This lovely dish is a perfect accompaniment to a roast lamb or chicken, and will taste superb with potatoes or by itself. It’s completely heavenly. This recipe will create approximately seven serves.

Enjoy, and Good Luck roasting your bitch of a pumpkin!