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Looks just a bit darling doesn’t it?
This is my attempt to get clean after being in bed all day, hidden from the world like a deformed Disney character. It was lovely, shame I couldn’t actually blow out the candles though…

For those of you who read my previous blog The Torture Chair you will be aware that I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. And the title was not further from the truth, I seemed on the road to recovery.

This was NOT the case. It is now day 5, I am swollen badly under my neck, and can hardly keep food down. So in a desperate attempt to get help, my husband took me to the doctors. Without little assistance or concern, the doctor noticed I couldn’t open my mouth large enough to actually inspect the teeth in question, the foul odor from my mouth and the severe swelling, he had prescribed me antibiotics. Due to his slack diagnosis of a infection…

I am still throwing up but the pain has numbed slightly since.

I LOVE food and as I look over at my husband stuffing down a beautiful looking Chicken Kiev, with crisp chips and freshly cooked vegetables. I am white with envy, while I struggle to feed myself mashed up chips with a tiny bit of tomato sauce.

I need your help, I can’t eat anything too rich because my stomach is fragile. But what’s your advice? What did you (or others you know of) do when it came to eating after Wisdom teeth removal?

I need your suggestions and ideas…Please, help a lady in need!