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They said it will be OK, they lied…they said I was brave, so, I gave them the finger. Blood has been spilling from my mouth, I look like a stunned, swollen vegetable, with no expression, no feeling except for this tormenting throbbing pain.

Why am I in such severe paiImagen?…

It all started here 10.00am at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne. I had been on the waiting list for over 12 months to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed, and another tooth with a very badly decayed root canal. So that’s 5 teeth in total.

I had arrived on time. I was asked to lay down in a ‘clean, green dentist chair’ and was prepped for surgery. I was asked ‘Have you eaten anything today?’ I grinned and replied. ‘Yes.’ I hadn’t eaten nearly enough to prepare me for this type of surgery. I had only had a diet shake, I would learn to regret this later on…The nurse came in and put five giant needles in my mouth, filled with local anesthetic. Then I was told the surgeons would be arrive shortly.

I waited…and waited…to what seemed to be hours but was around 20 minutes. The effects from the lack of food I had eaten, started, my hands started shaking…but they soon arrived, to my surprise the Dental Surgeon and…his Trainee. They introduced themselves and began the procedure.

The trainee had removed two wisdom teeth on my right side, and although the pulling, twisting and tugging was something to be expected. The Trainee was delicate and gentle. Now. Mr Surgeon should of taken a note out of his book, as the surgeon hacked away at my remaining teeth on my left side like there was no tomorrow. The chair shook beneath me, from his impact on my face. My countless suffocated cries filled the room, cries consisting of ‘Arghhhh’, ‘Ooooh’, ‘THAT Hurts!’ And the surgeon’s response to this was ‘Oh, it seems the aesthetic is wearing off…’ He had paused, so I shut my eyes and breathed a deep sigh of relief, and sunk back into a comfortable position in the chair. (I was told that If it hurt tell them and I would get anothBefore & After Surgery (Blood and all)er injection, or relief of some kind, so naturally one expects this).

Then the penetrating sound of the drill starts up again and it pierces through my ears. My mouth is jerked open, and a long instrument to separate to gum from the back wisdom tooth is stabbed far into my jaw. I cringe and shudder in pain. This chair was no longer the ‘clean, green chair’ to me. It was now the ‘torture chair’… I soon realise there was no point in complaining and to suck it up like a big girl(as my dad would say), and try to think of fluffy cute animals having tea-parties in the clouds or naked babies doing the Macarena, absolutely anything to take my mind away from this present moment of excruciating pain. Nothing helped. The drilling stops and the pulling starts, this is just as godawful!

After approximately 20 minutes the instrument is removed, automatically I have relief. He completed the removal of the top 2, at record speed, I am then quickly stitched up, flushed out, given medication scripts, instructions and kindly told to leave. I push the exit door, my head in a daze, my mouth throbbing and my eyes wellingOn the way home... up with tears. I see my concerned husband and my oblivious happy child. I spend the car ride home, gesturing like crazy to my husband that I needed pain killers, crying, with blood seeping out of my mouth and in so much pain.

The rest of the day consisted of me being in absolute agony. From 10.00 pm onwards, I had finally started to get relief from the painkillers, and managed to have a few sips of pumpkin soup, my body soon went into shock. Pools of sweat began to appear between my breasts, legs, arms, legs… everywhere, my head was spinning and my body was shaking. I forced the rest of the pumpkin soup down my throat, I had desperately needed this replenishment. After I had recovered from the shock, I managed to slip down some room temperature jelly. I was starting to feel better. But I was still bleeding…so I kept myself elevated all night so the bleeding would stop.

It’s now 8.15am the following day and my energetic toddler with a snotty nose, bolts into our room. She runs past me in the bed and starts laughing, looking and talking to herself in the mirror…’Fine…’ I mutter under my breath, feeling a little bit neglected. I would of loved a cuddle…But there’s something about her lack of understanding about the experience ‘mummy’ had just gone through that I find comforting and refreshing. Maybe it’s the ignorance combined with her tender innocence, and no matter how hard life is there is always time, time to look in the mirror and smile, to smile because we are still here, some people don’t get that chance. This thought puts me in a much nicer head space.

All I know now is that I am a strong supporter of ‘GeneralInspiration, Trash & Ideas... anesthetic’ now, not ‘Local Aesthetic’ especially if it involves more that one wisdom tooth being removed at the same time, at least the numbing agent will not wear of in surgery.

It’s easier to get some rest now. my face is now beginning to feel better, the bleeding has stopped and I am feeling more positive. The medication is working. In an attempt to help me feel better my darling husband, got me some trash, inspiration and a new notebook to write my recipes in.

Now this unfortunate experience is over, I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into a nice thick, juicy cut of medium-rare porterhouse steak. And have another animals blood ooze from my mouth, rather than my own. Hehe…