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So here is my take on a traditional family recipe that has been in the family for years, I suppose you could say I ‘married’ into this recipe. I am incredibly glad I did, it’s fucken brilliant sauce…if you like the succulent taste of lamb engrossed in beautiful rich and tasty sauce, with your desired pasta…then you MUST try this!

It’s a variation on a classic Italian lamb sauce, which traditionally uses fresh home-made tomato puree. But, as we don’t all have access to home-made tomato puree, this is my version for the cook on-the-go, who has a billion other things on her mind than to make puree…

First, gather your ingredients:


350g of Passata Tomato Cooking Sauce
2 x 410g Canned Crushed Tomatoes
6 x Lamb Shoulder or BBQ Chops
2 x Red & Green Capsicums Sliced
1 x Brown Onion Diced
1 x Tbsp Dried Oregano
1 x Tbsp Freshly Chopped Basil
2 x Tbsp Freshly Chopped Parsley
1 x Tbsp of Olive Oil
3 x Tsp of Salt
2 x Tsp of Cracked Pepper
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Wholemeal Pasta (Cook using packet instructions)

Preparation time 15-20 minutes

Prepare all the ingredients as per the specifics above, chopped, sliced, diced…so on and so forth.


Then at your leisure, prepare a large frying pan and add 1/2 Tbsp of olive oil, on a medium heat. Add the lamb, then fry until brown. Remove the lamb from the pan, and place on paper towels to soak up excess oil. Using the same pan, fry the onion and the capsicum until lightly brown then remove from the heat.

Heat a large pot with the remaining oil, then add the lamb, followed by the onion and capsicum. Then add the Passata Tomato sauce and the crushed tomatoes. Combine oregano, basil, parsley, salt and cracked pepper, then stir your little heart out! Once the ingredients are stirred to your satisfaction, place lid on pot and bring to the boil.


Right about now you should reduce the heat and simmer for at least 1 hour or more, until the sauce thickens, and the meat comes away from the bone. Once the sauce looks almost ready, start cooking the wholemeal pasta (as per packet instructions).

Serve this delicious sauce on top of cooked wholemeal pasta, with a dash of Parmesan cheese.


You will produce approximately 6 serves from this sauce.


I recommend placing the remaining cooled sauce in an airtight container and place in the fridge, to use when needed.

Generally I come away from creating this recipe, looking like I have just slaughtered the lamb myself. It’s particularly hard to avoid this, especially when you are trying to stir around these huge lamb chops. But, I am sure you will be much more delicate than I 😉

It’s a beautiful meal packed full of love and carnivorous action!

For your convenience, I have attached the recipe below… just right click… save as… print, and your bitchin’!

Enjoy! X