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No cooking for me today…unless you count Spaghetti & Cheese jaffles on wholemeal bread?…No? I didn’t think so…

I had previously had symptoms of a cold coming on, and in 36°C + weather it’s rather suffocating and shit…it got worse over the span of around 12 hours. I have a tissue almost constantly fixated to my nose, and I know I’m the worst patient, I am a complete BITCH. This stroke of luck, just had to happen before I go into surgery on Friday morning. All four Wisdom teeth are being removed PLUS a root canal with an exposed nerve ending. I am dreading the next few days or weeks while I’m in recovery.

Tackle each day as it comes, right?…

I will attempt some yummy raspberry muffins or Italian pasta sauce tomorrow, they key word here being ‘attempt’, and if I succeed there will be a nice tang of snot in the mix or the sauce, I am positive of this.

But something positive, my avatar got completed today, I quite like her, my graphic designer did a top notch job… What do you think?


Little Miss Bitchin’ After Makeover


Little Miss Bitchin’ Before Makeover

Thanks for reading, and to everyone who has commented, followed, and liked my few posts. I honestly did not expect to get so many so soon. I am flattered and rather chuffed. It means a lot to me, thank you!