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Welcome to Little Miss Bitchin' in the Blue Kitchen

Welcome to my self exploration through cooking and my crazy unpredictable life.

I love to cook for my family with fresh sweet and savory food, healthy ingredients and they should be low in fat and calories, but occasionally they won’t be… I made a vow to myself as soon as I gave birth that, our daughter would only be exposed to a healthy and energetic family.

We hit a few bumps in the road…and it seemed to motivate me more.

So welcome to my next project, welcome to ‘Little Miss Bitchin’ in the Blue Kitchen’, as if being a mother, wife, running a online business, and doing a part-time job wasn’t enough…I decided to share my various experiences in the kitchen because it is quite chaotic… I swear a lot, I make mess but it works. And for some reason people want my recipes…so i’ve decided to tailor old and new recipes to fit into a healthy regime, primarily low fat, low calorie recipes, guilt free eating, as I think it should be!

These meals I will be preparing are everything from Light snacks to Main meals and Desserts, strongly influenced by Diabetes, Gluten free, Meals easily prepared, Fresh ingredients, Meals stacked full of vegetables, protein & iron.

Life should be spent enjoying life with amazing food and letting our mouth explore new tastes, just without sugar crashes and unnecessary weight gain.

This is my philosophy and my new creative endeavour… and I am excited to show you, my plans and collaborations over the next few months, years, however long this may last…

Thank you for joining me in my blue Kitchen.